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Kids' Letters to Santa Claus

Dear SantaMy family is leaving for Minesota on the 25th. So we are going to have Chrismas on the 24th. So you will come to are houes on the nite of the 23. So I am having a problem. I don't now what to get from you. You deside. Ok here they are. 1. The "Sun Set" Malibu barbie 'n friend's, 2. the barbie computer or 3. Juliette hair styling salon. Your choice.LovePortiavia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
New American Girl doll of the year 2014A bead kit like ....'sA little thing that can turn into anything at anytime1,000 bucksA new canape that glows up. A grillA black, light blue, green, purple and pink North FacesA new radio. Monster High earbuds. All of the Beanie Babies.Justice black jacket with peace signs.iPod touchSaige, the American Girl dollA lightup Razor scooter that is the color blueA pet puppy border collie with a peace sign collar and a leashA black rist bangeSaige paints the sky the movievia Deadspin
Dear Santa,We think you might be poisened by the cookies, so don't eat them. Mom went wrong somewere. This is our first year with Callie, our new cat, please put her presents in the stocking with the dog in it. As you might know Maddie died. So please don't try to remind mom or she will break out sobbing. We have all been very good this year. We hope you don't have a bad ride.Signed,Alex, Anna, Katherina, BryanP.S. I am [unintelligible]P.P.S. Santa your the best ever - Annavia Andrew WinkelShare This on Facebook?
To SantaI have been a good boy. On my list I have got a DS, DS games, Indianajones lego, and Wii games and 20 packs of Matchattar.Mummy said you are fat.From Archievia _nejire_Share This on Facebook?

Dear, SantaI wanted to tell you I am fine. I don't know but if you can could you posibly make it so I can turn into a Dragon pleeeaaas!!! Or a pet Dragon either one will do thou I would like it if you can make me turn into a Dragon.P. S. have a happy valitins dayLove,Elishavia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?MORE: Awesome Kids' Letters to the President
Dear Santa,You are a very nice man. What are you getting for my sisters? How was your year. Is my friend Carter on the nice lists. Did you stick the gifts in the basment because there was no room in the sleigh?Your friend,CullenP.S. How tall is the average elf? And is Rudolph red?via RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear SantaI have been good throughout the yearGet me lot many gifts1 chocolates2 soft toys3 anything and everythingLove,xxxxvia Share This on Facebook?

Dear Santa you are the best! You are nice give this to Mrs. Claus so you both look at this I love you! Look at the bottom right hand cornerP.S. Are you lucky you have Mrs. Claus yes or noLook on the back (via Photo By Holly)Share This on Facebook?MORE: The Greatest Make-a-Wish Foundation Wishes
Please text my Dad. He has my whole list. I love you. xoxoxox Tennesseevia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?MORE: 13 Creepy Kids' Drawings
JennaDear Santa,You know what I want for Christmas. I want a Yu-Gi-Oh master collection I really want it? Because I want to impress the boys? I do not no why? And I want to have a go=go my walking pup? And and I want a hamster?Share This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,I would like a telescope. How do you get down the chimney?Love,Ryanvia jlblueShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,Santa if you brining presents with batteries bring bateries.DKvia IzismileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa.I have been a good girl this year for Christmas. Please bring me cat, dog, pig. Thank you! From, Nickivia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
December 19, 1993Dear Santa,Are you real. I think you are. How are you. I help your fine. You don't need to give me presents because my dad is going to give me some present. I don't think it is nice to call you big jolly fat. But you are. Jolly.via RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa Claus,I think that I had been good enough this year and that I deserve a present. As my parents can not afford to buy me that doll, I decided to ask you. It is the doll "Baby Born." She eats, drinks, cries, and goes to the toilet. I would be really happy to get it, so I ask you to bring it to me if you can. Please! I know that it is maybe expensive, but you are Santa Claus. I would like to have the blue one and the white one, but since I think that I will not get both of them, I will be satisfied with the one. Please, bring me the shoes for the doll. I really want that doll and once again, please bring it to me for a New Year!Milicavia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,Hi I'm Deaven I would like to know are you real. I believe, but my friends don't. So can you give me a signed picture of you and Ms. Claus or somthing else. Please please send back a bell from you sled / and your picture. Ohh besides are you relly fat!! Or do you diet. Please anser all the reqests above. Right me a letter back.via IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa16 InBikeTrumpetvia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?MORE: Hilarious Kids' Camp Letters
Dear Santa,Can you please get me a camera for Christmas, because I want one.By: MaxLove SantaMAXvia IzismileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,I haven't written to you in a while, I've just been a little busy. I tell you, middle school is hard work. I yeah I forgot to tell you, I'm going to play volleyball again this year. I'm so exited for the year to go on.I'm also very excited for Christmas. This year I want Mallory (my sister) to have the best one ever. If you could give her a lot of pacifiers that would make my mom and dad so happy. Sometimes we have to look everywhere just to find one. Anyways, if you could do that for me and my parents, it would make the night much easier.Sincerly,Chelseavia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Mr. PaxtonI am worried that my mummy's house does not have a big enough chimney.I think Santa Claus will get stuck.Please can can you help.Love Leorel Conparkvia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear SantaI would love 5 feet long hair. And a DSI to and a elf a real elf. And most of the presets for me.via IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear SantaHope that this letter finds you well. Please sign this picture of you for me. Also, I found a photo of Harold & Wallace (two of your elves) on holiday. They must be back now at this busy time of year so please if you can find them to sign their photo it will bring me great glee & warmth to the ends of my toenails. Merry Christmas!!!!via RoundsShare This on Facebook?
EvaTo SantaCould I please have a nintendo DS and some roller skates and a movie called aquamarine and could I have a skech book and a origami book that comes with paper. I have been a good girl and I am trying to be a good girl. love Evavia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,I have been good and bad this year.I also found your phone number. My phone number is .... and my moms cell phone number is ....Here R some things my family wants. My sister Amanda Micheal wants new hoop earrings, my brother Jason Micheal wants all the 2 pac cd's, (I don't like them because they have bad words) they both want a new microwave (they are husband and wife, my mom wants a new computer (Christine Coppell), and my grandma needs new clothes and shoes (Julie Coppell)My wishlist,I want a new Tolly doll for Christmas, new bratz stuff, luv cub, and Hilary Duff stuff. (She is my favorite singer.)P.S. Here is a picture of me.Sincerly, Oliviavia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,Hi, I can't wait for Christmas, 2 weeks left! My birthday is 4 days after Christmas!! There is 1 thing I desperatly want for Christmas: Hannah Montana concert tickets. She is touring with the Jonas Brothers—I love them 2! I want 2 go SO BADLY. We tried to get tickets but they sold out in 11 min!! And now, scalpers are selling them for $500-$16,000 a ticket!! If you have any tickets please, please, send them to me!!See you soon!Write back!!Merry ChristmasMorganvia IzismileShare This on Facebook?MORE: Awesome Letters from Parents to Kids
Dear Santa Claus, let me just tell you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I just wanted to tell you what I wanted for Christmas this year. I don't want very much, I mostly want my family to be happy.1 I would like the ICarly stage/rubber dolls please,2 The little pet shop party game, also please with,3 American girl doll stuff please and,4 Imagine teacher class trip,5 and this ones funny, water melon dubble bubble please.Thank you Santa! Every year you never disappoint. You are amazing!Thank you and, Merry Christmas!Hannahvia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa Claus,I think I have been great this year! I would like these things,(IMPORTANT!) One bell from your sleighA pony (probably Daisy)A webkins pugA starry kougraNew riding pants (probably size twelve)I really want to learn to skate so I guess ice skates sz/4Oooh! I REALLY want a snowboard!A pet pet (shadow groslen)GAB the board gameCool Canters for girls with animalsWhite lupeI have always wanted a kitten(I know you can't get me this:) SAVE THE ANIMALS!A painting easleA brewer palomino collectibleA siberian husky puppy stuffed animal (or the real thing)Thank you! Love,Jamievia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa Clause,It's Claire again, but I'm writing for my 9 yeared old brother named Mitch. He wants a binder, binder hole puncher (I want a hole puncher, too) and a skateboard (but don't give the skate board to him.)Mitch is very kind-hearted, but has a bad temper. He also writes messy. and doesn't like to read.Bye,Mitch LiuP.S. This is not his signvia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,I hope you have fun on the sleigh tonight Santa Claus. Have fun giving the kids presents.Love,Nathanvia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Hello my name is Osaro. I share with my friends. I want you to give me a Barbie house Cinderlla Barbie and Barbie clothes please. Love Osaro.via RoundsShare This on Facebook?MORE: Letter to a Family With Autistic Son Will Leave You Stunned
Dear Santa Clause, I miss you. I wish you would bring me a bike for Christmas. I also wish you would bring me a babydoll, a rill puppy that's alive and you can put it in the back yard. I want it to be a girl puppy. I want a baby bed, lip gloss. I want Franklin goes to school the movie. I want 9 CD's maybe like Shiana Twain, Tim Mgraw and Shrek 2 song. I would love jolrey like crowns. I would like a coloring book. New crayons. I want a new swimming pool. I want play doe that smells like snowcones and I want it to be pink and purple. I want a real snowcone maker.Blakevia IzismileShare This on Facebook?
Dear, SantaI like the letter you sent me! Does Rudolph have a red nose? Does he have two noses?Your best pal,Joshuavia RoundsShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,How are you doing? Are your reindeer doing O.K.? Hope you like your gingerbread man for Christmas this year. Do you get any presents from any of the kids. How is Mrs. Clause. Hope your reindeer like the carrots that we give them. I want a remote control GMC truck.Love,Spencervia IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,This Christmas I would like one specific thing this year. My dad has a very bad brain tumor. If you could, could you please find a cure for him to make him better? I would be the happiest boy in the whole world.Merry Christmas!Yours sincerely,via The Daily MirrorShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,For Christmas this year I want a Droid 2 Glo Bar smartphone from Verizon (my carrier). I have been very good I got honer role at school.Love, xoxoYvetteP.S. Ben was good too. Please bring him what he wants.via IziSmileShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,My name is Tyler. Here is a list of things I want for Christmas. The zero gravity car, Hillary Duff Most Wanted, Ryan Cabrara On the Way Down, Kelly Klarkson Break Away, Lindsey Lohan speak, i-dog, SpongeBob playhouse and for the poor to have a holy joly Christmas.Your friendTylerP.S. How is Mrs. Claus?P.S.S. Can I have Pitsburgh Steelers stuff?via ljcfyiShare This on Facebook?MORE: Unintentionally Hilarious Kids' Pictures
Hi Santa it is me Porter my sister Claire would rely like a dog. If you could we would rely want a Shih Tzu baby if you look at top here's a picher of a Shih Tzu and pless pless pless pless make it a gerl. And if we get a dog we would be happyer thin ever if we don't we would be sad—but stell like you! (via Becky Higgins)Share This on Facebook?

Dear Santa,I have been a pretty good cowgirl. I would like a Fur-Real walking puppy, a bike, a Liv Doll, 1000 strawberries, a Jessie doll, an iPod and a peace sign dress. Can you give my brother lots of toys too?Love, KyleeAge 6via Bar 7 RanchShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,I have been nice this year. I have shared good. I have played with my sister. I've been a good sport. I respect my perents. I eat healthy. I do my best on really hard tests. I hope you really do understand. I have been nice this year. I really have!What I'd like for Christmas is a few new X box games, some computer games, and a couple of gameboy advance games. Also I'd like some pictures of reindeer, maybe a bell of your sleigh, and an electric dog. Also a panda bear that was just born yesterday, a light saber, a leapster backpack and some leapster games. And for a special tutch, maybe a nice book. I'll have cookies waiting!Sincerely,via HarpersbizarreShare This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,How are you and the reindeer doing? I am doing fine. I want a new football game and a football because my little brother always trys to steal mine he may look sweet but he is the devil. I also want a remote control truck.Love, EvanP.S. How do you get in to my house on Christmas?via NoMad BloggerShare This on Facebook?

To Canta Dec. 9 2009From Ethan Christmas ListLego Command Rig, a baseball bat signed by Santa, a thundr drilr and last a happy family. Sunsirly, Ethanvia mislil65Share This on Facebook?
Dear Santa,Please give Hot Weels to a boy who doesn't have toys.via RedBessBonneyShare This on Facebook?MORE: Most Inappropriate Song Lyrics Sung by Kids
Dear Santaclaus I would like 6 Pokemon stuffted animals 7 Pokemon T-shirts and 7 Pokemon pants. Two Pokemon figyours. 1 Pokemon gameboy with the game Pokemon you slot in. Pokemon P.J's. Pokemon monopoly. Pokemon puzzles. a deck of Pokemon cards. a Pokemon costume and with a Pokemon ball. And a Pokemon backpack. And a Pokemon coat. And 15 toy Pokemon's.From. Jorinto. Santavia RobberShare This on Facebook?
December 2nd, 2010Hi Santa, I'm doing fine. I had a nice Birthday party on September 20. I wish you could have came. How are you and Mrs. Claus and Ruldaph? The reason I ask how Ruldoph is it's because I am learning the song Ruldaph the Red Nosed Reindeer in guitar class. I am doing fine. I have been good this year. For Christmas I would like a toy dog called GoGo My Walking Pup. I have a real dog named Winnie. You will see Winnie when you come. I will sleep all night on Christmas Eve. You will see our decorations. I hope you have a merry Christmas.Love,Hayley XOXOXOvia SherinaShare This on Facebook?

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Christmas Trivia: True or False?

The answers to the following can be found within the various posts on this blog...

Holiday Names and Greetings

1. “X-mas” is an irreverent, non-Christian name for the holiday.

2. “Noel” comes from Old French, meaning “new birth”.

3. “Yule” comes from an ancient Viking celebration of the turning of the sun.

4. “Feliz Navidad” directly translated into English means “Happy Birth”.

5. “Mele Kalikimaka” is Hawaiian for “enjoy the holiday feast”.

The Nativity of Jesus

6. Modern calendar years are based on the verified year of the birth of Christ.

7. The number of visitors, known as Magi, Wise Men or Kings, was three.

8. The Wise Men, or Kings, came to see the newborn baby lying in the manger.

9. Early Christians believed Christ was born on December 25th.

10. Shepherds watched their flocks on the cold winter’s night of Christ’s birth.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

11. The Twelve Days of Christmas begin on December 13th.

12. The gifts given on each day in the song represent items at a Christmas party.

13. The “Two Turtle Doves” represented the Old and New Testaments.

14. The last two gifts were 11 lords a leaping and 12 drummers drumming.

Santa Claus

15. St. Nicholas, who preceded Santa Claus, was born in Germany in 1622.

16. Santa’s flying sleigh and reindeer originated from stories in the 1800’s.

17. Although he’s known by many names in many places, Santa is always a man.

18. Kris Kringle was the name of an early Dutch Santa Claus figure.

19. Santa Claus is largely unknown in places like Japan and China.


20. Rudolph’s story was a promotional creation of Montgomery Ward stores.

21. Blixen is the name of Santa’s eighth reindeer.

22. Donner, the seventh reindeer, is sometimes incorrectly called Donder.

23. The reindeer were first named in “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

24. Instead of reindeer, in Sweden, a goat pulls Santa’s (Tomten’s) sled.

Christmas Trees

25. The custom of decorating trees for Christmas originated in Germany.

26. Before the 1500’s, Christmas trees were considered a pagan custom.

27. Martin Luther is credited with first putting candles, or lights, on the tree.

28. There is no mention of a Christmas tree in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.”

29. Hanging the tree upside down from the ceiling used to be popular.


30. The first Christmas card was created and sent in London in 1840.

31. The most popular selling Christmas Carol of all time is “Silent Night”.

32. Mistletoe used to be hung for enemies to meet under and call a truce.

33. Poinsettias were first brought to the U.S. from Mexico by Mr. Poinsett.

34. Christmas mince pie contained rabbit, pheasant and partridge meat.

35. “Nog” in eggnog refers to a heavy noggin (head) from drinking too much.

36. The tradition of filling stockings originated in the country of Turkey.

37. Sleigh rides with jingle bells is a favorite Christmas activity in Australia.

38. Celebrating Christmas was once outlawed in Merry Olde England.

39. Candy canes were created to keep children quiet during church services.

40. Swedish Christmas celebrates St. Lucia, who helped needy people in Italy.


1. False. “X” comes from the Greek letter that start’s Christ’s name and represents Christ.
2. True. Oui, oui. Noel is tres French, an old word which is related to the nouvelle, meaning “new”.
3. True. The word “yule” is old Norse for wheel, meaning the wheel in the sky that turns to give more light.
4. True. “Feliz” means “happy”. “Navidad” translates to nativity, which also means birth.
5. False. It means nothing in Hawaiian. It is an attempt to spell English “Merry Christmas” using Hawaiian letters.
6. False. There is no historical verification to the year of Christ’s birth. Some scholars believe it was in 2 to 4 B.C.
7. False. Three gifts are mentioned, but no number of the visitors is given. Some believe there were 12 or more.
8. False. They arrived well after Christ was born, and most likely saw him inside a home in a regular bed.
9. False. No exact date was known. When Romans became Christian, the Dec. 25th date replaced a pagan holiday.
10. False. Shepherds were not in the fields with their flocks during winter. This most likely occurred in the spring.
11. False. They start on Christmas Day, Dec. 25th, and last until Jan. 6th, the Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day.
12. True. In Old England, a party was held on “12th Night”. All the gifts were represented through food or fun.
13. True. The gifts and numbers were created to represent / disguise gospel principles for early persecuted believers.
14. False. There are 10 lords a leaping, not 11. Correct answer: 11 pipers piping, 12 drummers drumming.
15. False. St. Nicholas was born in Asia Minor, now known as Turkey, sometime during the 3rd Century.
16. False. The idea originated from early legends of Viking gods flying through the skies on animal-pulled sleighs.
17. False. In Italy, the gift giver is an old woman known as La Befana. In parts of Russia, she is known as Babushka.
18. False. Kris Kringle is an Americanization of the German gift giver “Christ-kindl”, or “Christ Child”.
19. False. Santa Claus has become a popular holiday figure in both Japan and China, not necessarily for Christmas.
20. True. It was a 1939 promotional gimmick given to those who did Christmas shopping at Montgomery Ward.
21. False. The name of the eighth reindeer is spelled Blitzen, not Blixen.
22. False. The original text of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” spells the seventh reindeer’s name as Donder.
23. True. “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore was the first text that named the eight reindeer.
24. True. Although many reindeer are in Northern Sweden, Tomten rides a sled through the forest pulled by a goat.
25. False. The Germans adapted modern tree traditions from customs of the ancient Romans and Celtic druids.
26. False. 7th Century Catholic monk St. Boniface used the indoor evergreen’s triangle shape to teach of the Godhead.
27. True. Legend claims Martin Luther first put candles on his tree, to represent the light of Christ for his children.
28. True. Christmas trees did not become popular in England until after Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol”.
29. True. Many trees were originally hung upside down in Old Europe and in early Pennsylvania settlements.
30. True. John C. Horsley created his own card in 1840. The idea caught on, and his card was re-printed in 1843.
31. False. Although “Silent Night” is popular in many countries, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is the top seller.
32. True. Used for many things, mistletoe brought people together, including those who needed to kiss and make-up.
33. True. Joel Roberts Poinsett, Ambassador to Mexico, introduced the “Holy Night Flowers” to the U.S. in 1825.
34. True. Originally, mince pie was a meat pie. Fruits and spices were later added, and then the meat was dropped.
35. False. “Nog” is another term for “grog”, which is a rum-based drink. Eggnog is sometimes served with rum.
36. True. St. Nicholas, who lived in Turkey, is claimed to have assisted the needy by leaving gold coins in stockings.
37. False. Christmas in Australia occurs during summertime. A beach barbecue is a popular Christmas Day event.
38. True. From 1645 to 1660, because of Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans, celebrating Christmas was illegal.
39. True. A Cologne Cathedral Choirmaster gave shepherds crook-shaped candy to kids during long nativity services.
40. True. Though celebrated in Sweden, Lucia’s legend began with her Christian services and martyrdom in Italy.

Correct Answers Rating:
40 - Cheater, you peeked! Not even Santa knew all of these.
35 to 39 - Next in line to be Santa. How’s your “ho, ho, ho”?
30 to 34 - A true Christmas elf. Santa’s looking to promote you.
25 to 29 - On Santa’s Nice List, but you could do better.
20 to 24 - Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, but you’re missing some good stuff.
15 to 19 - You like Christmas, but your favorite holiday is Halloween, right?
10 to 14 - Christmas is coming, and you haven’t got a ha’penny. God bless you.
Less than 10 - Bah humbug. You need to pay more attention if you want more than coal in your stocking. Better watch out or you’ll get run over by a reindeer.